Saturday, 28 November 2015

Locals can hit Melbourne, Marching Capital of Australia & make news front and centre!


As you can see and read, Networkers, I got carried away
by the picture front and centre of The Age report on yesterday's event.
(It is the second picture down in this post.)
I have now been advised by Helen Lewers that these angels
are NOT the WHAM angels. 
However, I am leaving the article and my enthusiasm as it is.
Immediately below, I am posting a pic of our angels as they marched yesterday.
Helen is in the centre.

The Angels of the Forest

I am so-o-o excited.  
I have got up this morning and opened The Age 
hoping to see a good report of yesterday's Climate march and rally.

And what did I see - a picture of the WHAM angels front and centre.

The gals from the bush are back in town!!!!

Congratulations to Helen Lewers and The Angels of the Forest - 
you are beautiful and you have done an excellent job.

For those of you who weren't in and around 
the Art Gallery of Ballarat late last Saturday afternoon, 
the angels were present at a demo that WHAM turned on 
to greet Local Government delegates to a big shebang at the AGB.  

WHAM stands for Western Highway Alternative Mindsets.  It has been protesting for a very long time at the environmental destruction caused by VicRoads as the duplication of the Western Highway between Beaufort and Ararat forges ahead.  You can follow the efforts of WHAM on Facebook

Word is from Helen that there could be some progress being made on the issue.  If this turns out to be the case, it has been a long and arduous task which has seemed mighty impossible at times as politicians have proved to be a brick wall, not all the locals have understood etc.  So many ancient River Red Gums have been destroyed.


I may live in Ballarat - some way from the duplication - but I have been on the fringes for quite a while thanks to my friend of the long ago in Townsville and North Queensland Conservation Council days, Iona Mackenzie.  The MacKenzie family have been landholders in the area for a very long time - and Iona's sister, Marianne, is one of the beautiful angels.  She is the centre angel of the three pictured above. Their 90+year old mother is pictured on the WHAM site tied to a RRG with Helen!!!

So be loud and proud 
and congratulations to 
WHAM, Helen Lewers, the Mackenzies 
The Angels of the Forest. 

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