Thursday, 4 June 2015

Farewell, Michele Harris, of 'concerned Australians'. A warrior against The Northern Territory Intervention and a good and faithful servant of justice.

In the wake of the Northern Territory Emergency Response - otherwise known as The Intervention - sprung up an organisation known as 'concerned Australians'. 'cA' drew prominent Australians such as Malcolm Fraser and Alastair Nicholson to speak out against this dreadful perversion of public policy. 

There is an old adage: Cometh the hour, cometh the man.  Not only did The Intervention bring out two professional spokesmen against the cruel and discriminatory policy in the persons of Fraser and Nicholson.  It also brought out two women who personified energy applied intelligently: Michele Harris and Georgina Gartland.  

Michele brought substantial experience, skill,  and valuable contacts to the cause. Underlying Michele's activism was a debilitating illness.

Georgina, much younger than Michele and the mother of many children, brought great energy and inquiry in spite of family and domestic responsibilities.

So, for those who are tempted to plead illness, busy-ness and family responsibilities when asked to bring skills and talents into the service of a cause, I would draw attention to the substantial work carried out by these two women.  Go to the 'cA' website and see what has been done, what has been produced. There you will find documentary material which will become part of any discussion of the impact of poor public policy on those whom the policy purports to serve.

There will be many outpourings honouring Michele's work.  Click on Georgina Gartland's name below and you will be taken to her Facebook site.  There you will find many testimonies to the effectiveness of Michele.  

From Georgina Gartland:
We of ‘concerned Australians’ were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Michele Harris OAM in Sydney at 9.45 pm on Monday 1st June 2015. Michele was an extraordinary person who had a deep love and compassion for all people. Wherever there was a need she brought her great intellect, insights and organising abilities to bear, which included those facing trauma both here and abroad. She especially had a deep, abiding relationship and constant dialogue ...
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Vale Michele Harris OAM of 'concerned Australians'

Update - 8 June 2015

Have just visited the WGAR site where there are many expressions of sorrow.   This then led me to the Respect and LIsten site - more and more condolences. In among them is a gem by Aunty Ellie Gilbert. Ellie has offered to the family the use of Kevin Gilbert's epitaph if they consider it appropriate. How generous!

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