Thursday, 6 November 2014

First: Turn Back The Boats. Now: Turn Back Australian Ebola Patients

Anyone would think that the Abbott Government was entering the gymnastics section of the next Olympics. Another backflip after much criticism!  It seems the government is now supporting Australians anxious to help those stricken by the ebola virus in West Africa. Let's take a look at how it seems they might have arrived at this peculiar stance:

To begin with a small remembrance of the history of Michael Wooldridge.  It is assumed that this is the authorised and sanitised version.  Then this is some of the murkier history from 1999.  Lots of schmoozing encompassed by this article, it would seem!

And now back to the present day and the FeF - the Federal ebola Flip.  

The Abbott Government is still rejecting calls to send in military personnel.  And - surprise, surprise - the government has opted for an external contractor - Aspen Medical.  And - surprise, surprise - who sits on the board of Aspen?  None other than the man of murkiness, Michael Wooldridge.  There's more about the Aspen ebola fight here.  Is the government able to get mates' rates for us on this deal?

And now we not only have "Turn Back the Boats", we have a new policy of "Turn Back Suspected Australian Ebola Victims".  If Australians working with ebola patients in West Africa are suspected of contracting ebola, they will not return to Australia.  Australians will be treated in the UK.  The UK deal has come after rejecting a previous offer from the European Union. Could this possibly be another example of the Abbott Govt's preference for the right to be a bigot? How could non-English speaking people be expected to adequately treat Australian cases of ebola?

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