Thursday, 4 September 2014

John Madigan, the village smithy turned Senator, has resigned from the DLP and will continue his term as an independent.

Breaking news on ABC News 24 - Senator John Madigan has resigned from the Democratic Labour Party - DLP and will continue his term as an independent. In-ter-est-ing! 

Madigan's office is in Ballarat - so he is local. 

John Madigan  and his office are quite good on things that are of particular interest to The Network - all except women's reproductive rights. This has been said to him personally. 

Senator Madigan is seen out and about. He speaks up for refugees and asylum seekers. Yet, if you didn't know who he is, he can seem to fade into the woodwork in his little workman;'s cap. So if anyone has any knowledgable background on the resignation, I would be pleased to hear it. Please email  If you want to speak to me personally, then email me briefly providing a telephone number.

I have sitting on my kitchen counter John Madigan's latest newsletter.  here is how he describes himself:

John Madigan: blacksmith,boilermaker, businessman, senator

As one of the few blue collar workers to enter the Federal Senate, John Madigan's surprising job history gives him more in common with those he represents rather than those he shares the Senate chamber with.
Leaving school at age 16 John's first job was at the Victorian Railways Newport workshop where he completed his apprenticeship.  He went on to work in the mobile welding and civil construction department for a decade.
He made the move to Ballarat and set up a forge and engineering workshop at Hepburn the Victorian Central Highlands where he worked as a self-employed blacksmith.  While the Senator may not get to his forge as often as he would like nowadays, his manufacturing background has served him well in his current position as Senator for Victoria.  
John is a passionae campaigner for regional areas and an ardent promoter of Australian industry. His concern for the ever-widening gap between Australian manufacturers, farmers and food processors and the people that represent those industries led John to establish the Australian Manufacturing and Farming Program (AMFP). 
This not-for-profit organisation is a non-partisan program aimed at exposing Australia;'s parliamentarians to the men and women in those industries.  The AMFP has hosted several successful industry days in many states.
Senator Madigan is the first person to represent the DLP in the Federal Senate in over 40 years.  The philosophy of the party is simple and effective.  What is good for families is good for the country.

Emails by tabled by Senator John Madigan 
in the Senate of the Australian Parliament
on the afternoon of 4 September, 2014.
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 Networkers can get the flavour of the author, 
Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins by going to her Facebook site.
And then there is this Facebook site.

By now, dear Networkers, there should be a picture forming
of Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins.

Postscript 14/09/04 
A very brief interview has just concluded on ABC News 24Senator John Madigan says that he has not left the DLP. The DLP has left him. His values remain the same. From what Madigan said, it seems this was an overnight decision and he has formally resigned this morning. He has said in the interview something about tabling documents this afternoon in the Senate. I'm not clear what these documents are. I will see if his office can clarify that. 
From The Age:
Scroll down this article and you will find a video of Senator Madigan addressing the Senate.
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