Saturday, 4 January 2014

From Maria Riedl to Julie Bishop: on forcing Colin Russell and Greenpeace to pay for consular efforts.

My friend Maria Riedl has written to Australia's Foreign Minister


3 January 2014

Dear Miss Bishop,

I heard on the tv and saw on the internet that you intend to force the Tasmanian Mr Colin Russell and Greenpeace to pay for his so called rescue. Disgusting on your part. What a small minded person you are continuing to be.

I ask that you resign immediately, because your actions so far as foreign Minister have been appalling and pathetically naive and totally inept. You have absolutely no idea do you, how and what you are required to do! You are penny pinching Ms Bishop! Unbelievable.

Mr Russell is an Australian and considering another government stood up against the illegal taking of a ship and its crew (see ICJ ruling) and YOU did nothing worthwhile at all. Pathetic Miss Bishop, pathetic and unacceptable.

I demand that you do the right thing for once and not carry on like the very stupid woman politician you are turning out to be.

Mr Russell has drawn the world's attention to a very nasty rush to destroy the Arctic environment.

Don't act in such a idiotic manner and pretend you have right and might on your side. Mr Russell is admirable and is worth many many more than you because he actually believes in something that has value and is not an idiotically fixed, narrow minded politician like yourself.

Act in the best interest of Mr Russell and if you don't you will most certainly show what kind of spineless and selfish person you are.

I am just so angry that you would even consider forcing Mr Russell and his family or even Greenpeace, to pay for a moral stance that is to the benefit of the global community and mankind. You certainly don't care about the environment nor about protecting it and neither does your party. Most evident. Shocking!


Maria Riedl

"Democracy is not a spectator sport"  

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