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Eureka Day, 3 December - Geraldine Robertson gives insight into women and Eureka - Susan Kruss in Calico Ceilings expresses her respect for women at Eureka in history poetry, and drawings - and women are involved in M.A.D.E.

Dear All,

3rd December is the 159th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade

Are those of our foremothers who were on the goldfields to be remembered just as token 'them' who were 'assisted to find a job' as the Australian Government website on Eureka states?

Are not we 'the people' too?

I think it is outrageous, so have been busy compiling a response.
I hope you like and find good use for EUREKA? We Were There.
It is on a new page called Eureka on Eureka page.
I hope you have a joyful and relaxing holiday season,
'The peoples, as well as the Governments, have sown the wind of misunderstanding and of hate and are reaping the whirlwind ...
'We MUST not, DARE not, be idle.'
Woman Voter 18 December 1919
‘History will proclaim you false if you are silent now. “Come out and be separate” from all that makes for war.’
Woman Voter 29 September 1914
Geraldine Robertson
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Prejudice and
Women Working Together suffrage and
Vasculitis the Disease that Deceives
Betrayal women's paid work 1874-1974
Our Foremothers

Calico Ceilings by Susan Kruss
A wonderful look at women at Eureka
Beautifully illustrated.
Insightful poems.

Women are still at Eureka.

This year the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E.) opened in Ballarat on the historic Eureka site.  It is a wonderful small museum.  It is not limited to the Eureka story and the events surrounding Australia's famous rebellion.

As well as Eureka, M.A.D.E. also centres on social justice, democracy, and human rights which topics were seminal to the idea of the Eureka Rebellion even if they were not fully articulated at the time.  These ideas took hold in the Australian psyche through workers rights, universal suffrage, and a fair go for everyone.  And a woman is in charge at M.A.D.E.  

M.A.D.E Director Jane Smith interviews 
the M.A.D.E Project Director, Katherine Armstrong of Lateral Projects
and M.A.D.E Curator, Eithne Owens
on the thinking and process that led to the birth of Australia's newest museum.

Museum of Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E)

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