Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nestle is nicking Pakistan's water. Please sign this petition >>>

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Nestlé is draining Pakistan to sell us bottled water.


Nestlé is draining developing countries to produce its bottled water, destroying countries’ natural resources before forcing its people to buy their own water back.

Now it's in Pakistan. Groundwater levels are plummeting, families are being driven into poverty, and whole areas are being rendered uninhabitable. 
But we've still got time to help before Pakistan's water supply is completely tapped out — and if we show Nestlé its heartless policies are sparking a global backlash, we can stop it from decimating more of our natural resources. 
Will you join us in demanding Nestlé stop draining Pakistan dry?
PETITION TO NESTLE EXECUTIVES: Stop stealing Pakistan's water and driving its people to poverty and starvation.

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