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New book from Jean Shinoda Bolen and more news on 5WCW

February 4, 2013
New Book to be Launched at UN
            Events During the UN Commission on the Status of Women
Dear Friends:
The author copies of Moving Toward the Millionth Circle were delivered on January 21, 2013, Inauguration and Martin Luther King Day!  Such an auspicious beginning and such a delight to hold the little book in my hands. In this author-mother’s eyes: she is gorgeous! My publisher provided 2000 copies to give away at the UN during the CSW meetings. They will be given to NGO delegates by other delegates who volunteered to help gift the books in one-to-one conversations. A random method that invites synchronicity. After March 1, the book will be released for sale through
I wrote this sister book/sequel to The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and The World  for heart-centered activists who are motivated to act by compassionate action, a sense of sisterhood, or fierce mother bear protectiveness which is a combination of love and outrage. I wrote it when efforts for a 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW) encountered obstacles and resistance even after the UN Secretary General and President of the General Assembly issued a joint statement in strong support on International Women's Day, 2012, and I turned to writing as an expression of my activism. The last UN women's conference was in Beijing in 1995 --before widespread use of the internet, way before the millennial generation entered adulthood.I wrote it to inspire you to act out of consciousness and choice to step up and take on what is meaningful, fun--even when difficult, and motivated by love, which only you can know to be true. Activism is then an individuation step and soul work. I wrote it so more circles with a sacred center would form and groups in existence might transform into circles. I wrote it with the hope and intention that it would be in print when the UN Commission on the Status of Women met the first two weeks of March 2013 and that I could gift copies of the book away to NGO delegates and UN people. This became possible because of exceptional support from my publisher (Conari). Synchronicity, serendipity and grace helped all along the way.
I wish now that I had included how an idea spreads geometrically with the example of the 3 to the 19th power (it is in the Preface to the paperback of Urgent Message From Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World.)  If three women speak of something each believes is true to 3 others, and they in turn speak to 3 others, in 19 steps the message will reach 1,162,261,487. When a critical number of people change beliefs in what is possible, then perceptions and actions follow.  This Inauguration Day was a reminder.  Remember history? Slavery and denying women the right to vote was once what was. These expressions of patriarchy were transformed. Compassion and courage grow in a circle of equals with a spiritual center--as members of AA know. In the consciousness-raising groups that became the Women’s Movement in the 1970s, equality was a sacred mission.I believe that the feminine principle is rising into consciousness through women and exceptional men and that the fate of planet and humanity depends upon each of us believing in the possibility of transformative change in our families, communities, institutions, countries, and the world. To believe leads to action which changes us as well what we want to change--when done with love, hope, perseverance, courage and optimism.

Activism is a personal choice. It is a passion for a cause expressed
through actions, funding, communication, as well as prayer, rituals, and art.

Advocacy continues for a global conference on women.
The belief that there will be one is growing into an assumption
Proposed regional meetings will help the idea to spread
The form it will take is not known.
Timing most likely between 2016 – 2020.

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