Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ballarat : Sustainability & Urban Wellbeing Community Forum

Sustainability & Urban Wellbeing Project  
Issues relating to biodiversity, health, water and growth. 
Challenges and creating a shared vision for the future.  

Making Sustainability Affordable  
There are tensions between economic, social and environmental interests. 
What are the limits of our current economic system and are there alternatives?  

Nature and Health Connections  
Matthew’s interest in the relationships between nature and human health 
has lead to research in regional Victoria and abroad. 
Matt will share his knowledge of the benefits of contact with nature 
for mental health and social wellbeing. 

Population, Growth & Sustainability
Does Australia still need to ‘populate or perish’? What does population growth mean for Australia and regional communities such as Ballarat? 
More importantly, will population growth lead to an increase in prosperity?

Sustainability Indicators  
Measuring and monitoring society’s economic wellbeing, community health, 
and sustainability is increasingly important.  
The Great South West Community Report Card provides information 
on 27 indicators relating to 10 key issues. 

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