Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Increasing numbers of Australians are joining the fight against animal cruelty. You can too with Animals Australia, the voice for animals

Watch the video: a 'virtual' evening with Lyn White 
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A movement for change is stirring in Australia as more Australians embrace our vision for a kinder world...

Throughout February and March, Animals Australia's Campaign Director, Lyn White, spoke to sell-out crowds in capital cities across the country — sharing her inspirational life journey and planting seeds of hope that a kinder, more compassionate world is not only possible but achievable.

Lyn's presentation resonated with audiences in each state. The sense of hope and empowerment at the end of each evening was palpable. People realised as they looked around them, that there has been an 'awakening' in this country — that the majority of Australians share their abhorrence for animal cruelty and want this world to be kinder too. From Supreme Court judges, to teenagers — those who attended Lyn's presentation were united in their belief that it is 'time' — that as a united community of caring and ethical Australians, we can demand change.

Many who attended these evenings have spoken to the fact that they were bothextraordinary and life-changing, which is why with so many disappointed to miss out on tickets, we are now providing everyone with the opportunity to 'attend' through the launch of a 'virtual' Evening with Lyn White.

Caring Australians uniting for change...

For the Animals Australia team, witnessing the growing number of Australians uniting against animal cruelty as a result of our work only increases our belief that we can drive needed change for animals in Australia — and our determination to conduct the investigations and campaigns that will bring about that change.

We are about to embark on the most ambitious campaign ever to be undertaken by an Australian animal protection charity — a campaign that will unite Australians to bring an end to the cruelty of factory farming.

Animals need our helpYou can help to make this campaign a reality bybecoming an Animals Australia Frontliner. By pledging a monthly donation, you will join others who have united against animal cruelty to provide critical support for Lyn and Animals Australia's ongoing work.

Thank you so much for caring,

Glenys Oogjes
Executive Director
P.S. In response to many requests, we have made Lyn's entire presentation available online so that everyone can be a part of this memorable event, from start to finish. But even if you only have a few minutes to spare, click here to watch our shortened video and join us and others in creating a kinder world for animals!

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