Thursday, 22 September 2011

RECLAIM, RESPECT, PROTECT - The 1000 Warrior March

The 1000 Warrior March

On Saturday the 5th of November, Aboriginal and Islander men will March to Reclaim, Respect & Protect.

The purpose of the 1000 Warrior March is to:

*       To Show solidarity amongst Aboriginal and Islander Men
*       To reinforce our place in family and community.
*       To reinforce our culture as a way forward.
*       To show we are role models for our families and our young.
*       To make a stand for healing our country.
*       To commit to the rights of Aboriginal people.
*       To pledge to honour the 1000 warrior values.

Aboriginal and Islander men will be participating in the March and they will march through Melbourne in harmony to Reclaim, Respect and Protect.  The men will then meet their families, friends and loved ones at Birrarung Marr (back of Federation Square) to celebrate.

Saturday 5th of November 2011T
The March will begin at 10:00am
The Fig Tree
(top of Gertrude Street corner of Gertrude & Nicholson Streets Fitzroy)

For more information on the 1000 Warrior March please contact:
Alan Brown - 0413 045 536
Richard Frankland - 0408 486 603
Phil Cooper - 0417 112 422
We look forward to seeing all Aboriginal and Islander men
on Saturday 5th November

The 1000 Warrior March Committee

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