Monday, 2 November 2009

Food waste? Food gluttony

Came across this article about a speech by the distinguished Vandana Shiva.  It brought to mind a recent experience with what I would describe as food waste.

I went with a group of Quakers from our local meeting to an outlet of a well-known chain of "family restaurants" here in Melbourne to lunch together.  I had never been to this restaurant before.  What an eye-opener.  Veritable food mountains are served here!

From Drop Box
The photo above is of my meal which is small or entree size.  I couldn't manage the salad.  It took me quite a while to get through the seven prawns and the rice and sauce.  We asked for "doggy bags" and you can see from the picture above  we put the remains in foil containers.    One is left to wonder how much is left on plates to go back to the kitchen and into waste.

I probably will not return to this restaurant, in spite of enjoying the food.  I just don't like their food attitude.  In fact, it was reported at table that one of our number refused to come when she heard which restaurant had been chosen.  She refused to come because of the food attitude.
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